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drill bit segments cuspate top


Diamond Segments of Drill Bits - Normal Flat with Cuspate Top Shape


Diamond segments normal flat shape of drill bits diameter 32mm-356mm provide smooth and fast drilling for kinds of concrete.


Applications: Cured reinforced concrete with hard to soft aggregates, green concrete or abrasive material.


Machinery: Hydraulic power drilling machines, Electric hand-held drills.


Welding Type: Silver or Laser.


Wet or Dry(25mm-152mm) Use.


Code No.


Segment Size

Segment No.


2.25"(57mm) 22x3.5x10 5
CD-DS-DB-C03-02 2.50"(63mm) 22x3.5x10 6
CD-DS-DB-C03-03 2.75"(70mm) 22x3.5x10 7
CD-DS-DB-C03-04 3"(76mm) 22x3.5x10 8
CD-DS-DB-C03-05 3.25"(82mm) 22x3.5x10 9
CD-DS-DB-C03-06 3.50"(89mm) 22x3.5x10 10
CD-DS-DB-C03-07 4"(102mm) 22x3.5x10 10
CD-DS-DB-C03-08 4.25"(108mm) 22x3.5x10 11
CD-DS-DB-C03-09 4.50"(114mm) 22x3.5x10 11
CD-DS-DB-C03-10 4.75"(120mm) 24x4.0x10 11
CD-DS-DB-C03-11 5"(127mm) 24x4.0x10 11
CD-DS-DB-C03-12 5.5"(140mm) 24x4.0x10 12
CD-DS-DB-C03-13 5.75"(146mm) 24x4.0x10 13
CD-DS-DB-C03-14 6"(152mm) 24x4.0x10 13
CD-DS-DB-C03-15 6.25"(159mm) 24x4.0x10 14
CD-DS-DB-C03-16 6.5"(165mm) 24x4.0x10 15
CD-DS-DB-C03-17 7"(178mm) 24x4.0x10 16
CD-DS-DB-C03-18 8"(203mm) 24x4.5x10 18
CD-DS-DB-C03-19 9"(229mm) 24x4.5x10 20
CD-DS-DB-C03-20 10"(254mm) 24x4.5x10 23
CD-DS-DB-C03-21 11"(280mm) 24x5.0x10 25
CD-DS-DB-C03-22 12"(305mm) 24x5.0x10 27
CD-DS-DB-C03-23 13"(330mm) 24x5.5x10 30
CD-DS-DB-C03-24 14"(356mm) 24x5.5x10 32



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